It always seem impossible until it is done

Nelson Mandela said 'it always seem impossible until it is done'. Yes! When I visited 'Grow Dat Youth Farm' in New Orleans as a Mandela a Washington Fellow and was inspired with how involved young people were in the meaningful work of growing food, I immediately thought of what replicating an initiative as such would do for my organization - Hope For The Needy Association, what it could do in my life as a person and in the lives of other young people and women in Cameroon.

At first, it seemed impossible...the land, the start up and over coming thoughts...the believe that water melon wouldn't grow properly in Bamenda, NWR Cameroon...but today, a few months later, I want to share this beautiful story...the story of HOFNA's water melon farm, a farm that trains/involve youth and women in the meaningful work of growing food...the importance of relying on sustainable agriculture as the surest route out of poverty...and most especially, a venture that is intended to make HOFNA financially sustainable...where HOFNA won't need to rely solely on aid/grants to carry out her activities/ initiative that has started with the cultivation of melon but intends to continue with its transformation to juice...

Now, the list of those I've to express deep appreciation to has just increased. My deep appreciation to President Barack Obama for initiating the Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders, the U.S Embassy Yaounde...and now, the CamCCUL- Cameroon Ministry of Economy, planning and regional development-UNDP scheme to alleviate poverty at the grassroots, for making the journey of replicating the experience a lived reality! Check out how far we've come...young people, Agriculture is not a 'dirty' is not meant for the rural is one of the surest routes out of poverty, unemployment, and underdevelopment..