Building income generating skills of women, teenage mothers and internally displaced persons

Our initiative supports sustainable livelihoods for women who shoulder much of the burden of conflict, marginalization, and gender-based violence. Through our income generating initiatives, we ensure that young people avoid drug abuse, child abductions and other antisocial behaviour. At HOFNA, we believe that when young people spend their time productively, they can become ambassadors of peace. We believe that addressing poverty is a very vital aspect of peace building.

Drug abuse is becoming increasingly common among youths in the conflict affected Northwest and South West Regions of Cameroon, with this harmful practice often being attributed to a lack of opportunities for boys and girls to learn marketable skills and find gainful employment.

Our Vocational training on how to make solid soap and other items such as powdered soap, Vaseline, bleach and body lotion, manufacturing female sanitary products has given a chance directly to 500 youths and women who are internally displaced to make a living for themselves. This has indirectly helped over 500 households and over 2000 people in selected communities since its initiation in 2012.

We also provide participants with startup materials as well as training on the fundamentals of starting and running a business. This helps in making their petit businesses more efficient and sustainable.