Girls Leadership Boot Camp

HOFNA Girls leadership Bootcamp hosts 100 female teenage leaders each year for a week long engaging workshops to explore social change, economic justice, women’s empowerment, and leadership. The young ladies hear from a host of inspiring community leaders and build relationships beyond borders.

HOFNA’s Girls Leadership Boot Camp is a leadership program for young girls aged 13-19 and aims to equip these girls with unique skills, not offered through most school systems, by preparing them for leadership roles through practical learning and mentorships.

There is plenty of talk about the need for more women in leadership positions and there is need to introduce meaningful solutions focused on developing young girls into experienced leaders while addressing core issues such as training, nurturing, mentoring and preparing enough women for leadership roles. HOFNA has realized that the rates of teenage pregnancy in communities especially for girls 13 – 19 is increasing. This also comes with increase in the rate of contraction of STDs/HIV and associated loss of lives in the course of unsafe abortions.

HOFNA’s Girls Leadership Bootcamp is a prime example of how to fill the pipeline with young female leaders ready to learn, gain experience, understand their bodies and grow into more senior leadership roles as their career progresses.

Recognizing that leadership skills developed early in life are critical to becoming an empowered woman as she matures, this is a unique program for teenage girls. Through this program, Girls will develop the positive skills and for leadership in their own lives.

Girls who have a strong sense of themselves are less likely to be bullied or to become victims of abuse.

The intensive weeklong residential program focuses on

  • Self-esteem strategies that over-come self-doubt
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Improving communication and leadership skills
  • Using Arts to represent dreams for the future and promote peace and tolerance
  • Self-care, Menstrual Hygiene and related issues
  • Goal motivation
  • Civic participation and elections
  • Entrepreneurship

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After their participation in the Leadership Boot Camp program, girls are assigned mentors who continue to accompany them in their leadership journeys.

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