Making Education Realistic (MER) Project

"Making Education Realistic - MER" (donations for  supporters and partnership with Tabitha’s daughter International) promotes education/empowerment for disadvantaged girls in rural communities through the provision of textbooks, didactic materials and materials for extracurricular activities.

So far:

  • Donated over 200 benches to 5 primary schools in rural communities.
  • Supported over 500 girls in 8 communities in the conflict-affected North West Region of Cameroon to stay in school through scholarship provision
  • Trained over 600 teenagers on the production of soap, and menstrual beads to improve hygiene and encourage girls to stay in school.
  • Donated sanitary pads that last through the 9 months in school to over 1000 teenage girls in over 10 communities in the Northwest Region of Cameroon


In the next 5 years, we plan to provide scholarships to 1000 girls to enable them to complete primary, secondary, high school and university; to provide didactic material to 10 primary and secondary schools in the conflict-affected regions, to provide sanitary pads to over 5000 teenagers and teenage mothers.