Pieces of Me Scholarship program for disadvantaged teenage girls, teenage mothers, and young women (Secondary school and University support)

For millions of girls around the world, the thought of going to school or staying in school remains far-fetched. This is often because they struggle to meet the required resources (school fees, books, sanitary pads etc) or deal with gender-based violence and cultural practices that continue to dehumanise girls (and women). 

In some cases like in the conflict-affected North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, these girls have been forced out of their homes and struggling to meet everyday needs as internally displaced persons and going to or staying in school is a luxury they can’t afford on their own. 

For each young [Secondary school] girl who benefits from our scholarship, we plan to support their education with XAF 75 000 ($117 or £97)

For each young girl enrolling at the University level that benefits, we intend to support them with XAF 100 000 ($156 or  £129)

This will support the girl with school fees, exercise books, pens and sanitary pads.

We are counting on your generosity to make this dream come true for these girls. Every franc, pound or dollar you contribute will ignite hope in a struggling young girl. Remember, giving is the only gift that gives back.

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For a start (September 2022) our focus is on young girls and young women (teenage mothers, internally displaced, disadvantaged young girls) from conflict-affected regions of Cameroon - the North West and South West Regions who have been hit the most by the ongoing violent conflicts. 

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UNICEF estimates that around the world, 130 million girls are out of school, including 32 million of primary school age, 30 million of lower-secondary school age and 67 million of upper secondary school age. It is estimated that twice as many girls are likely to drop out of school in conflict prone/affected communities than in unaffected ones (https://www.unicef.org/education/girls-education)

The Pieces of Me scholarship program seeks to bridge this gap by creating and sustaining educational opportunities for girls and young women from lower secondary to university levels through scholarships that cover school fees, books, sanitary pads, and other needs. The program further offers mentors with the long-term goal of inspiring and nurturing the next generation of female leaders around the world. It is a long-term program and we seek to accompany the young women and girls through their education.